12 Meditations


Piano solo

Twelve short piano pieces, each working with limited materials, create a meditative atmosphere for recital, worship and daily devotion.

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Twelve Meditations

Piano solo
Moderately difficult

  1. The Mystic’s Prayer
  2. On a Common Tone
  3. In Lydian Mode
  4. In Dorian Mode
  5. Morning Meditation
  6. Quasi Chitarra
  7. Evening Meditation
  8. Meditation On a Style
  9. Night Meditation
  10. Dialogue
  11. Autumn Meditation
  12. Christmas Meditation

Program Note

These Twelve Meditations could be also described as preludes, for most are instrumental in conception, and several employ a keyboard style that recalls earlier eras. Each considers a single idea or clearly audible musical process. Each presents a particular musical situation: a tone or chord; a mode; a technical situation like crossed hands (No. 10); a keyboard style (No. 8). Nos. 7 and 9 treat the same melodic idea in very different settings. Most are one-part forms lasting at most three or four minutes. Quiet usually prevails. I hope the collection provides a moment in practice, performance or worship that is relaxed, sonorous and meditative—in musical sense, at least.

For patriotic meditations, see Meditations on an American Hymn.

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