Belford Waltz–solo (print)


Piano solo–1′

A brief, merry piece on a ringing four-note theme. Moderately difficult.

Preview the score:


DET plays the version for piano solo:


The Belford Waltz–solo

Commissioned by the American Composers Forum in honor of Elinor Watson Bell.

Program Note

white mansion w red roof

Belford by William Channing Whitney, 1906

Elinor Watson Bell was one of the Twin Cities’ principal arts patrons, a fine pianist herself and a true music lover. In 1996 the American Composers Forum commissioned The Belford Waltz as a one-page piano solo. Elinor liked it so much that she hung it on the wall in her Wayzata home, which was named Belford. She also asked for a duet version to play with her son, Dr. Ford Bell, and even had placemats made with the score on them (so I was told)!

The first four notes of the waltz are E-B-E-LL, where L stands for La, the note A.

Belford has been orchestrated, as the opening number in Suite Populaire,


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