Confirmatum est cor eius (print)


A joyful neo-Renaissance Latin motet with Psalm 112 with much antiphonal singing.

inverted clef symbolA Project Encore selection

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Confirmatum est cor eius

Text from Psalm 112
SSATTB chorus unaccompanied
Duration: 3′
Commissioned in honor of the births of Barrett Marion Pinsonneault and the Madison Choral Project by Ona and Wayne Pinsonneault.
Premiere—12/2013 by the Madison Choral Project, Albert Pinsonneault, cond.
Also available as a download.

inverted clef symbolThis work is part of PROJECT : ENCORE™ of Schola Cantorum on Hudson. PROJECT : ENCORE™ works have been premiered, and then evaluated via blind adjudication by prestigious conductors as being works of excellent quality. The online, searchable database is located here.


Confirmatum est cor eius
non commovebitur
donec dispiciat inimicos suos
Dispersit dedit pauperibus
iustitia eius manet in saeculum saeculi
cornu eius exaltabitur in gloria

His heart is strengthened,
he shall not be moved
until he look over his enemies.
He hath distributed, he hath given to the poor:
his justice remaineth for ever and ever:
his horn shall be exalted in glory.

Psalm 112, 8-9, King James Version

A Note on Psalm 112

Psalm 112 is also known by its opening phrase Beatus vir, under which title it is included in numerous musical settings such as Claudio Monteverdi’s 1640 Selva morale e spirituale, also known as the Vespers of 1640; as well as Vivaldi’s ‘Beatus Vir’, the third movements of Mozart‘s Vesperae de Dominica (K. 321) and Vesperae de confessore (K. 339). (Wikipedia)


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