Dave’s Reel (download)


Piano solo–2′ 30″

A vigorous, rhythmic work which brings the American reel up to date. For intermediate-grade piano with a reflective, swaying middle section. Winner of a Renée B. Fisher Award, 2017.

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Dave’s Reel

Piano solo
Duration: 2′ 30″
2014, rev. 2021
Premiere—5/6/2017 by Marin Korenaga, New Haven, Conn.
4 pages

Program Note

two-shot of standing couple

DET and Ann Buran

I am not the Dave of Dave’s Reel. In fall 2014, the Twin Cities lost David Buran, a physician, singer, parent and grandfather. I sang with David in the Plymouth Congregational Church Choir. He was a proud supporter of the arts and a long-time member of Plymouth Church. I wrote Dave’s Reel in David’s memory for Ann, his dear wife, who is a fine pianist.

The idea for piece came while listening to folk music on the web during David’s last week, when he was quickly fading from cancer. I heard reports of David dancing at a party on the Friday before he died. I put “folk” and “dancing” together, and came up with Dave’s Reel. The work was the winner in the Elementary/Middle School Division of the Renée B. Fisher Composer Awards for 2017.

Read the article in the Wallingford Record Journal here.

I orchestrated Dave’s Reel for the Minnesota Sinfonia as the final movement of Suite Populaire.




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