Divine Image–med (print)


Medium voice and piano–3′

The final song in a ten-song cycle, The Divine Image is a gentle humanist anthem with an urgent message of tolerance.

Patricia Kent, soprano; composer, piano (medium key)

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The Divine Image–humanist anthem

From Divine Images, a cycle of ten songs published by Classical Vocal Reprints
Medium voice, piano
3′ duration
Text: William Blake. More about Blake at Artsy.net.
Premiere—2008, by Patricia Kent, soprano
Voice range:

range c1 to f2

Also available a third lower.

Blake's illuminated ms for humanist song, humanist anthem The Divine Image

William Blake “The Divine Image”


To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
All pray in their distress;
And to these virtues of delight
Return their thankfulness.

For Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
Is God, our Father dear,
And Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
Is man, His child and care.

For Mercy has a human heart,
Pity a human face,
And Love, the human form divine,
And Peace, the human dress.

Then every man, of every clime,
That prays in his distress,
Prays to the human form divine,
Love, Mercy, Pity, Peace.

For all must love the human form,
In heathen, Turk, or Jew;
Where Mercy, Love, and Pity dwell
There God is dwelling too.



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