Divine Images (Blake Album)


Voice and piano–27′ duration

A collection of songs to the well-loved poems by William Blake. There is something for every singer in this Blake album, songs ranging from from easy  to challenging, mostly for medium voice. Several are appropriate for baptisms or christenings.

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Divine Images—Blake album from Songs of Innocence and Experience

Voice,  piano
Composed 1989-2004
Published by Classical Vocal Reprints.
Recorded by Patricia Kent, soprano and Edward Turley, piano on Mostly Minnesota Art Song. Available for free download here.

Program note

English visionary poet William Blake (1757-1827) was also a powerfully gifted painter-printer. It’s useful to think of him as a Beethoven contemporary, for his work has the same iconoclastic quality and creative energy. The poems—multi-media art, really—were published in “illuminated” books: many of the texts are accompanied by images, and they are elaborated with fascinating detail. And Blake, like Ginger Rogers, had to do everything other poets and painters did, but backwards (though not in high heels), because the copper plates had to be etched in reverse! More about Blake at Artsy.net.

Divine Images is a Blake album rather than a cycle, and the order of songs is my own. There is much of Blake’s Innocence here, only a touch of Experience. With the exception of “The Little Boy Lost” and “The Little Boy Found,” which mirror each other, singers may feel free to excerpt and combine songs in any order they wish. When performed in order, the piper’s invocation leads us first to songs celebrating the imagination of the child. Intimations of mortality are felt in “The Fly” and the “Little Boy” poems, but the final songs sound notes of laughter and compassion. “The Divine Image” could be a humanist anthem.

The volume is dedicated to Pat Kent.


Piping down the valleys wild (2004) 3′
Recorded by Kent and Turley: Free download

Infant Joy (1989) 2′
e1 to e2

Cradle Song (1994) 4′
b to g-sharp2
Recorded by Kent and Turley: Free download

The Lamb (2001) 3′
d to d2

The Little Boy Lost (2004)–The Little Boy Found (2008) 3′
b to g-sharp2
Recorded by Kent and Turley: Free download

The Fly (2004) 3′
middle-c to g2

Laughing Song (2008) 3′
middle-c to a2
Recorded by Kent and Turley: Free download

On Another’s Sorrow (2004) 4′
low b-flat to f2
Recorded by Kent and Turley: Free download

The Divine Image (2002) 3′
middle-c to f2

Also available separately here.


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