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Epiphanies (download)


High voice and piano–3′

A song of hope, courage and gratitude expressed through the gentle words of Kate Martin.

Listen to an informal performance by Karen Clift, soprano; DET, piano:

Preview the score:


Epiphanies–A song of hope

High voice, piano
3′ duration
Text: Kate Martin, OSC.
Commissioned by Doug and Krista Westendorp.Visit Doug Westendorp’s Contemplative Art page.
Premiere—4/2013, by Sara Lin Yoder, soprano; Mijin Choi, piano
Voice range: c-ab2

Text excerpt

I give thanks for every moment of light,
for the pool of brightness that surrounds a good deed,

© Kate Martin, OSC

Sister Kate has also written a book, Zoe’s Path: A Wisdom Story.


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