Januaries (download)


Piano solo–7′

An evocative winter fantasy that ranges over a windy landscape, with bugling elk and echoing alphorns.

Listen to a performance by Elizabeth Wolff:

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Januaries (download)

Winter fantasy for piano solo
7′ duration
Dedicated to Jane Van Dyk
Premiere—2005, by Elizabeth Wolff, Winchester, VA.
12 pages

Program Note

In a letter some years ago, Jane Van Dyk wrote to me of the winter doldrums: “My mother always called it the ‘januaries’ and tried to think of something fun to do.” Various impressions appear in the winter fantasy I call Januaries: alphorns I once heard on Lake Louise; bugling elk in Yellowstone, a solitary whistler, gusts of wind and crackling ice. Januaries was written for Jane’s January birthday in 1993.


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