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Mary, Mary (download)


Treble chorus SA, piano–3′

A cheerful and fun song about Mary for kids that presents the Easter story as it carries a universal message.

View a performance by the Treble Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, Marianna P. Simpson, Director, conducted by Keith Weber:

Preview the score:


Mary, Mary

A song about Mary from the oratorio The First Apostle
Treble chorus SA, piano
3′ duration
Text: Mary Carolyn Davies
Premiere—2012, by the Treble Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Houston, Marianna P. Simpson, Director
7 pages.


Christ said “Mary,” as he walked within the garden
The morning that he rose from death, calm and free of pain;
The wounds in his hands and his side no longer burned him.
He that once had been a man was a God again.
Christ said, “Mary,” as he walked within the garden.
All in his triumphing, back from the dead,
With the wind upon his cheek, while the world was new to him,
“Mary” was the first name he ever said.

All the Marys of the world, let us pray together now,
Mary Schwartz, and Mary Brown, and Mary Rosenstein,
Little Mary Donnelly, Mary Holt and Mary Hull,
Mary Olsen, Mary Morse, all in a line.
Since it is the Easter-time, and little bells are ringing,
Let us walk in still pride, with lifting of the head,
For when he had risen from the grave, as all the world knows,
“Mary” was the first name that God ever said.

Mary Carolyn Davies (“To Other Marys”)



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