Piano Trio


Violin, Cello, Piano–18′

A four-movement piano trio in an eclectic style with a wide-ranging and blazing finale. For advanced players.

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Listen to a live performance by Johan Jonsson, violin, Linda Young, cello and Leslie Jones, piano, with MIDI interpolations reflecting the revision.

This product is a download. Score and parts are bundled in one PDF of 81 letter-size pages. You will receive a link to the download upon purchase.


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Piano Trio (Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano)

1987, rev.
Commissioned by the Montana State Teachers Association
Premiere: Trio Sine Nomine, Bozeman, Mont., 1987
Score and parts included in one download

Program Note

As with many pieces in the Romantic tradition, this Trio begins in argument and is diverted, with the weight shifted to the finale. The mercurial first movement develops its contrasting materials—a quick five-note W and a mournful phrase—by alternation. Two character pieces follow: a watery, diatonic nocturne and a sentimental song, which ends with a banging door. There is a wide range of material in the finale: piano musings, violent chords, toccatas mumbled and shouted. Eventually the breezy tune from the second movement reappears as a simple string hymn. The tune is treated fugally and in stretto, before being consumed in a blaze.

Trio was composed in 1987 for the Trio Sine Nomine—ensemble in residence at Montana State University Bozeman—on commission from the Montana Music Teachers Association. The members of Trio Sine Nomine at the time were Johan Jonsson, violin, Linda Young, cello and Leslie Jones, piano. It was premiered at the MMTA convention that June. The work was revised in 2001 and premiered by Trio Minnesota (Yuko Heberlein, Robert Jamieson, John Jensen).


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