Sundance Overture

Sundance Overture – 8 minutes

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Sundance Overture

Duration: 8′
Orchestra: picc,2,2,Eh,2,2,1  4,2,3,1  T,3 perc pno strings
Premiere–Billings Symphony Orchestra, DET cond., Billings, MT 1983

Score and parts on request. Ask DET about this work. Contact DET

Program Note

Sundance Overture is a sunny, dancing piece, written for the Billings, Montana Symphony Orchestra and premiered in autumn 1983. It is cast in modified sonata form, with a broad introduction, statement, development, restatement and coda. Most of the thematic material is drawn from the opening trumpet solo. The melodic and harmonic language has an “American” ring, and the tonality is a frank, if occasionally disturbed, C. The work is dedicated to George Perkins.

quotation marksSaturday’s treat came from David Evan Thomas…. His work wove a pleasing pastiche of his boyhood influences—Disney, galloping westerns and the sweeping and noble melodies of Copland and Bernstein. It has the easy, approachable American ring—drawing the audience in and encouraging participation. The lovely woodwind parts were expertly played. Christine Meyers, Billings Gazette, 2/11/89


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