Viola Sonata


Viola and piano–15′

A three-movement viola sonata for advanced players. The first two movements are unified by a pensive, walking theme. The rhythmic finale is all bumptious good humor.


(Image: Edward Poynter (1836–1919) The Violinist)


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Viola Sonata

Viola, piano
Duration: 15′
Score and part included.

Program note

A piece can begin with a commission, or it can begin with a little sunlight on an early morning. My Viola Sonata began as a generic melodic sketch on which I scribbled “Viola Sonata?” as a note to self. The next day I met pianist Shannon Loehrke at a recital and she asked for just such a piece. How could one not proceed? The work is dedicated to Shannon and her duo partner Coca Bochonko.


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